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Why Instagram Marketing is important in 2022?

March 11, 2022Category : Instagram Marketing
Why Instagram Marketing is important in 2022?

If You Are On Social Media Then You Must Be Aware Of How Powerful Social Media Presence Can Be. Now, When It Comes To Marketing A Brand, Instagram Seems To Be Wining Because Of Its Organic Reach. Instagram Is Also A Powerful Social Media Platform Because Of Its Visual Design, As People Remember The Visuals Better Than The Texts. There Are Around 1.20 Billion Active Users On Instagram Which Makes It A Huge Potential Hub For Marketing Opportunities.

Importance Of Using Instagram As Your Marketing Channel

  • Instagram Has A Very High Engagement Rate As Compared To Other Social Media Platforms.

  • Instagram Is A Visual-Based Platform. Study Shows That Colored Visuals Increase User’s Willingness To Read A Piece Of Content By 80%. Also, 46% Of Marketers Say Photography Is Crucial To Their Current Marketing Strategies.

  • Instagram Is A Perfect Social Media Platform For The Modern Generation. 90% Of Instagram Users Are Younger Than 35. While The Majority Of Instagrammers Are Aged Between 18-25, Making It One Of The Popular Social Networks Among The Younger Generation.

  • Brands On Instagram Receive 10 Times More Engagement Than Facebook And 84 Times More Engagement Than Twitter. It Clearly States That Instagram Is Superior To The Other Two.

  • 70% Of People Have Already Looked For A Brand On Instagram Where 40% Follow Or Would Follow A Brand To Benefit From Special Offers.

  • ¬†65% Of Instagram Users Would Feel Special And Pleased When A Brand Liked Or Commented On One Of Their Posts. Liking And Commenting Is Itself A Marketing Strategy And Also Doubles The Chances Of Your Brand Getting More Exposure.

  • ¬†Instagram Has Also Been Rated The #1 App For The Brand’s Social Exposure. Due To Its High Reach And Engagement, Brands On Instagram Get 10X More Exposure Than Facebook.

  • Instagram Posts Tagged With A Location Receive 79% More Engagement.

  • Instagram Posts With At Least One Hashtag On Average Gain 12.6% More Engagement. Using Hashtags In Your Instagram Posts Is A Very Effective Method And It Also Enhances The Post Visibility To The Broader Audience In Your Niche.

Instagram Has Proven Itself One Of The Finest Platforms For Personal And Marketing Use. Many Social Media Networks Have Been Back And Forth But Instagram Seems To Be Staying Here For Many Years. If Your Brand Is Still Not On Instagram, Then You Are Really Missing A Lot On The Table.

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